Workshop Direction and Lunch Options


The event will be at Gates B01. 100 parking lots are reserved at Galvez Lot for this event. With our reservation code, you may park for a flat daily fee of $8. Here is a map showing directions from Galvez Lot to Gates B01.


For parking at Galvez Lot, here is the instruction.

1.   First park and remember your space number

2.   Touch any key to wake the machine if asleep

3.   Enter your space number

4.   Select Daily or Incremental Option (incremental rate is only available after 9am, before 9am daily rate is the only option)

5.   Select “Yes” when it asks if you have an event code

6.    Enter the event code number (7581) and press OK

7.   Once the code is entered, you’ll receive a message that says “Get Ready For Payment”

8.   Insert your Visa/Mastercard or cash payment (if incremental rate was selected and paying by credit card, increase the expiration time by pressing the ‘1’ key).  If paying by cash, depositing more money increases the expiration time

9.   Select OK to complete transaction and print your receipt.  No need to display receipt on dashboard

It may take 10-15 minutes to walk from Galvez Lot Gates B01. We've also marked "V" on the map where there is hourly visitor parking. Note: The code instruction for Galvez work only at Galvez. The V-marked spots are either meters or machines, some with time restrictions.

Shuttle Service:

If you don't want to pay the parking fee, you may drive to FXPAL. Park your car near our building and take shuttle 1050A. Shuttle map is here:

For shuttle schedule, please refer to:

Once you are on the shuttle, simply ask the driver to give you a note where to pop off for Gates. Gates B01 is in the basement.


The following places are open for lunch. They are within a 5-10 minutes walk of the Gates Building.

Nexus (Clark Building):

Bytes Cafe (Packard Building)

Coupa Cafe (Y2E2 Building):

The Cafe at Cantor (Cantor Arts Building):

And an outdoor option, the Foodtrucks: 


signin: bammf

password: taketheb8