We would like to acknowledge and extend our gratitude to all who have helped us with the BAMMF series, most especially to:
  • Intel Corporation for their repeated support of the BAMMF events. Special thanks to our guest host Yi Wu for all her support.
  • HuaWei Technologies for their support of the 9th BAMMF event at the HuaWei Auditorium, special thanks to Bo Begole and his staff for their kind assistance.
  • PRYSM INC for allowing us to host the BAMMF event at the PRYSM Theater, special thanks to Manoj Goel for his kind support.
  • Hewlett-Packard Auditorium Staff for extending their support for the 6th BAMMF event.
  • Stanford University School of Engineering Staff for extending their support for the 4th BAMMF event.
  • Xerox PARC Auditorium Staff for granting us the permission to use the facilities and extending their support for the BAMMF events.
  • FX Palo Alto Laboractory, Inc. (FXPAL) Management, Technical and Administration Staff for their support and invaluable help in many ways without which the initial meetings cannot be carried out smoothly.
  • John Doherty for recording and producing the Video for the BAMMF events.
  • Tony Dunnigan for designing and creating the BAMMF Logo and Banner.