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There are many multimedia researchers in the SF Bay Area. Many of us work at startups and large companies and do not have time to travel to academic conferences. However, we want to meet other peers to exchange ideas. We want to attend short, more frequent, local meetings.

In addition, professors from local universities or universities in other states/countries want a forum at which to meet with industrial researchers to share their ideas and have more interaction with the industry. They also want to learn about real problems that industry is trying to solve and use that to motivate and guide their future research. To accommodate the professors' tight schedules, short but more frequent meetings are also preferred.

Encouraged and sponsored by the IEEE Technical Committee on Multimedia Computing, IEEE Technical Committee on Semantic Computing, ACM Special Interest Group on Multimedia, and FX Palo Alto Laboratory, we are starting a half-day Bay Area Multimedia Forum (BAMMF) series. Experts from both academia and industry are invited to exchange ideas and information through talks, tutorials, panel discussions and networking sessions. Topics of the forum will include emerging areas in multimedia, advancement in algorithms and development, demonstration of new inventions, productization of technologies, new business ideas, etc.

Organizing Members

Chen Yan YingYanYing Chen

Roy Wang 
Legal Consultant

Guest Organizers

Jian Fan 
Henry Tang

Shanchan Wu                    John Doherty               

Advisory Board
Thomas S. Huang
William L. Everitt Distinguished Professor, UIUC             
Shih-Fu Chang
SIGMM Chair             
Shu-Ching Chen

IEEE TCMC Chair                     
Philip Sheu
IEEE TCSEM Chair                              
FXPAL Vice President                                    
Chang-Wen Chen

ICME Steering Committee Chair

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